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Marcus Dancer Plants
Kilcreggan, Alderholt Road

There are several different types of climbing plants that I produce listed below;

  Abutilons - Best in sun or semi-shade


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Abutilon megapatomicum Abutilon megapotamicum. Red/yellow lanterns all year. Ht 10-12ft. Evergreen.



Akebia quinata - clusters of scented purple flws April-May. Semi-evergreen. Ht 10-20ft. Sun/semi-shade.

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Campsis radicans Flamenco. Orange trumpets Aug-Oct. Ht 20ft.
Image coming soon Campsis radicans Flava. Yellow trumpets Aug-Oct. Ht 20ft.
Image coming soon Campsis x tagliabuana Madame Galen. Salmon/red trumpets Aug-Oct. Ht 20ft.
Image coming soon Dregea sinensis - Semi-evergreen climber producing very fragrant clusters of small white flws with red dots. Sun/semi-shade. Well drained soil. Ht 8-10f.
Image coming soon Hydrangea petiolaris - Climbing Hydrangea. Self clinging hardy climber producing white flws June-Sept. Ht 10-20ft. Very useful on shady north aspects.
Image coming soon Jasminum Beesianum. Fragrant red flws May-July. Ht 12-15ft.
Jasminum humile Revolutum Jasminum humile Revolutum. Fragrant yellow flws all summer. Ht 4-6ft.
Jasminum officinale Clotted Cream Jasminum officinale Clotted Cream. Scented cream flws all summer. Ht 10-15ft.
Image coming soon Jasminum officinale. White scented flws all summer new growth purple. Ht 10-15ft.
Image coming soon

Jasminum nudiflorum - Winter Flowering Jasmine.

Bright yellow trumpets from Nov-March. Hardy and excellent on shady walls but will be suitable for more sunny locations. Self supporting. Ht 4-6ft.

Scarlet Trumpet Honeysuckle.  Lonicera x brownii Dropmore Scarlet - Bright scarlet tubular flws July-Oct. Semi-evergreen. Ht !0ft.
Lonicera etrusca Superba - The Etruscan Honeysuckle. Sweetly scented white & yellow flushed red flws June-Sept. Semi-evergreen. Good choice for hot dry sites. Ht 10-12ft
Image coming soon Lonicera japonica Acumen - A hardy evergreen honeysuckle for any aspect. Scented white & yellow flws June-Oct. Ht 10-15ft.
/Lonicera similis var. delavayi Lonicera similis var. delavayi. Evergreen scented white & yellow flws all summer. Ht 12-20ft. Any aspect.
Lonicera Winter Beauty Winter Flowering Honeysuckle.  Lonicera x Purpusii Winter Beauty. Scented cream flws throughout winter. Ht 6-10ft. Self suppoting shrub.
/Parthenocissus henryana Parthenocissus henryana. Green/silver leaves turning red in autumn, self clinging. Ht 20ft.
Passion Flower  - Passiflora caerulea. Vigorous climber for sun/semi-shade. White and purple flws June-Oct. Ht 10ft.
Image coming soon  
Daphne bholua Jacqueline Postill - White /pink sweetly scented flws Jan-March. Beautiful evergreen daphne which will provide plenty of cheer to raise your spirits during winter. Ht 4-5ft. bushy habit. Can be grown as a patio plant. Price £30 depending on size.Sun/semi-shade.
Daphne odora Aureomarginata - Attractive evergreen. Bushy habit with green leaves margined cream. Ht 3ft. Very fragrant flws white rosy/purple March-May. Sun/semi-shade. Can be grown as a patio plant. Price£10.
Image coming soon Daphne tangutica - Sweetly scented white flushed purple/pink flws May-June & Aug-Sept. Ht 3ft . Bushy compact shrub for sun/semi-shade. Can be grown as a patio plant. Price £10

Choice Plants from Marcus Dancer Plants


Agapanthus Queen Mum - An architectural plant with large rounded white flws with violet blue at the base on 3ft stems July-Aug. Wonderful in a pot or in a sunny border. Any well drained soil. Keep roots resticted to promote ggod flowering. Good cut flower.

Agastache Kudos Coral - All the following agastache have aromatic minty foliage making them slug resistant. They are all adored by bees & butterflies.They enjoy any well drained soil. Kudos Coral has honey scented pinky/orange tublar flws May-Oct. Ht 2ft.

Agastache Kudos Mandarin - Bright orange tubular flws May-Oct. Ht 18".   

Agastache Mexicana Red Fortune - Reddish/pink flws May-Oct. Ht 2-2.5ft.

Agastache Summer Glow - Vivid apricot yellow tubular flws May-Oct attracting bees & butterflies. Ht 2-2.5ft

Abutilon megapotamicum- Ht 10-12ft.Evergreen. Useful to train against walls/fences where it can be fan trained to show off its abundant crop of yellow/red lanterns from May-Nov. Sun/semi-shade.

Akebia quinata Cream Form - Robust climber for shade or full sun. Strongly scented clusters of cream/white flws spring/early summer. Semi-evergreen. Ht 15-20ft.

Brunnera Hadspen Cream - Good ground cover for shade semi-shade producing for-get-me-not blue flws in spring/erly summer. Light green leaves broadly edged cream/yellow. Semi evergreen. Ht and spread 18"x18".

Brunnera Jack Frost - As above but with dramatic silver leaves with green edge and green veining, spectacular.

Buddleia Buzz Sky Blue - Hardy dwarf shrub. Ht 3-4ft. Very compact habit. Scented blue flws summer and autumn. A magnet for butterflies and pollinating insects.

Campanula lactiflora Loddon Anna - Hardy perennial for sun/part shade. A cottage garden favourite. Tall stems hold the pastel pink scented flws June-Sept. Any soil.Ht 3-4ft.

Campanula latiloba Hidcote Amethyst - Hardy perennial producing tall stems of pinkish/lilac June-Sept. Any soil. Ht 2-3ft. Any soil.Sun/part shade.

Campanula latiloba Highcliffe Variety -Violet blue flws on tall stems June-Sept. Ht 3-4ft. Sun/part shade. Any soil. Hardy perennial.

Campanula latiloba Percy Piper AGM -Rich dark purple flws June-Sept. Ht 2ft. Hardy perennial. Any soil. Sun/part shade.

Campanula Ringsabell Mulberry Rose - Attractive raspberry pink bells dangle in sprays on short stems May-Oct. Compact habit. Any soil sun or part shade. Ht 12-18".

Caryopteris clandonensis Dark Knight - Bumble bees love this plant as do other pollinating insects. Ht 3ft. Fragrant dark blue flws late summer and autumn. Silver/green leaves. Sun.

Chimonanthus Preacox - "Winter Sweet". Grown for its fragrant pale yellow flws from Dec-March. Ht several feet if not pruned. Prune after flowering if required. Sun/part shade.

Choisya White Dazzler - A compact neat hardy evergreen shrub with aromatic leaves which are narrow and linear. Fragrant white flws in spring and in late summer. Ideal patio plant or garden border. Ht 2ft.

Cenolophium denudatum - Finely cut filigree leaves above which stand tall stems topped with flat heads of greeny/cream flws. Ht 3ft.Any soil Sun or part shade. Hardy perennial.

Clerodendron Pink Diamond - Compact shrub for sun/semi-shade. Ht 3ft. Fragrant heads of bright pink flws Aug-Sept. Attractive pale green/cream variegated leaves.

Clerodendron trichotomum Carnival - Ht 4-5ft. Sun/semi-shade. Fragrant flws white and pink Aug-Sept followed by bright blue berries into autumn. Pretty green/yellow cream variegated leaves.

Coreopsis Red Elf - Wildlife friendly plant attracting bees and butterflies. No mildew. Flowers all summer well into autumn with rounded wine red flws and bright golden yellow centre. Ht 12 inches spread 12inches. Drought tolerant any well drained soil. Good ground cover.

Cosmos Choca Mocha - Chocolate scented perennial with sumptuous velvety dark burgundy flws June-Sept. Loves the sun. Ht 18 inches. Good patio plant or plant in the garden border. Any well drained soil.

Daphne bholua Darjeeling Form - Superb shrub for winter. Semi-evergreen for semi-shade in a decent soil or pot. Strongly scented tubular white flws Nov-Jan. Ht 4-6ft.

Daphne bholua Jacqueline Postill - Possibly the best plant shrub for winter certainly my favourite. Semi-evergreen. Ht 4-6ft. Very fragrant pink/white tubular flws Jan-March. Part shade any decent soil or pot.

Daphne odora Aureomarginata - Evergreen shrub for semi-shade. Ht 3ft. Leaves green margined yellow/cream.Strongly scented white/purple flws March-May. Any fertile soil.

Daphne tangutica - Ht 3-4ft.Evergreen compact shrub sun/semi-shade. Scented pink/white flws May -June & Aug/Sept.

Dregea sinensis  - Beautiful climbing plant for full sun any well drained soil and sheltered aspect ideally against a wall. Fragrant clusters of small white flws speckled maroon June-Sept. Ht 10ft.

Euphorbia char. Tasmanian Tiger - Pretty evergreen plant with cream/white edged grey-green leaves and cream flws Feb-May. Bushy habit. Ht 2ft. Any well drained soil. Great in a pot.

Geum Fire Storm - Hardy semi-evergreen perennial bearing semi double yellow- orange flws with red flushed petals spring to autumn. Ht 20 inches. Sun semi-shade.

Helenium Ruby Tuesday - Attractive to bees & butterflies. Late summer flowering hardy perennial with deep copper red daisy like flws and red saffron centre July-Oct. Ht 2-2.5ft. Excellent cut flw. Full sun.Great in a pot.

Helenium Waltraut - Magent for bees. Copper orange flws with deep yellow outer edge and brown centre July-Sept. Ht 3ft. Hardy herbaceous perennial.

Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle- Hardy deciduous shrub 3-5ft high. If hard pruned to 8 inches from ground in spring then flowering 3ft high. If pruning higher then flowering at 5ft. Does well in shade or sun. Large rounded balls of creamy/white flws mid summer. Flowers will last well into autumn and can be used in dried flower decorations. Any soil type.

Hydrangea marcrophylla The Red Baron - Red rounded heads of flws mid summer into autumn. Ht 3-4ft. Sun semi-shade.

Hydrangea paniculata Levana - Hardy shrub. Large conical heads of white fragrant flws summer into autumn. Sun/semi-shade. Ht 6ft. Pruning hard in spring keeps plant shorter.

Hydrangea paniculata Limelight  - Large rounde heads of cream/green flws mid summer into autumn. Ht 4-5 ft. Sun semi-shade. As above for pruning.

Hydrangea paniculata Vanilla Fraiasse - Ht 3-5ft. Conical heads of cream flws flushed pink July-Oct. Sun/semi-shade.     

Hydrangea paniculata Phantom - Large conical heads of white flushed pink flws July-Oct. Ht 4-5ft. Sun/semi-shade.

Hydrangea paniculata Pinky Winky - New hybrid. Compact habit. Ht 3ft. Conical heads of cream flws maturing to pink in autumn.

Hydrangea petiolaris - Climbing hydrangea for shade or sun. Self supporting. White flws during summer lasting until autumn. Ht 10-15ft.

Hydrangea seemanii - Evergreen climbing hydrangea and self supporting. Good in shade or full sun, flws more profuse in sun, cream and scented mid summer. Not exposed aspect. Ht 15-20ft.

Jasminum humile Revolutum - Evergreen Jasmine. This is a self supporting shrub. Delicately scented clusters of yellow flws through the summer. Ht 4-6ft.

Jasminum officinale  Clotted Cream - Strongly fragrant cream flws through summer. A climber happy in sun/semi-shade. Ht 8-12ft.

Jasminum officinale - Pure white scented flws through summer. Classic Cottage Garden Jasmine. Ht 8-12ft.

Jasminum nudiflorum - Winter flowering Jasmine. A hardy plant good in shade but full sun is fine.Bright yellow flws Nov-March. Ht 6ft.

Jasminum x stephanense - Strongly scented pink flws through summer climbing to 8-12ft. Sun/semi-shade.

Leucanthemum Real Charmer - Hardy perennial. Many large white frilly flws with large yellow centre, spectacular June-Sept. Good cut flower lasting up to 2wks in a vase. Ht 2-2.5 ft. Full sun or part shade. Compact & attractive to bees & butterflies.

Linaria Peachy - Hardy herbaceous perennial ideal for dry soils very drought tolerant. Pretty glaucous leaves and tall stems 2-3ft supporting masses of apricot peach coloured snapdragon flws from mid summer until end of autumn.

Lobelia Hadspen Purple - Herbaceous perennial. Ht 4-5ft. Very dark purple tubular flws on tall stems July-Sept.

Lobelia Tania - Hardy perennial. Ht 3ft. Pink/magenta flws on tall stems June-Sept.

Lonicera x browni Dropmore Scarlet - Honeysuckle with bright orange /scarlet flws July-Oct. Sun/semi-shade.

Lonicera japonica Acumen - A hardy evergreen honeysuckle which does not suffer with mildew or leaf drop. Scented cream/yellow flws July-Oct. Ht 15-20ft. Sunor shade.

Lonicera purpusii Winter Beauty - Hardy winter flowering honeysuckle. This makes a bush of 8-10ft if left unpruned, prune after flowering to keep lower. Scented cream/yellow flws Dec-March.

Lonicera simillis var. delavayi - Large attractive evergreen leaves and scented white and yellow flws July-Oct. This superb honeysuckle is mildew resistant. Sun or shade.

Lonicera syringantha - A bushy hardy honeysuckle withstrongly scented pink flws early summer.. Shade or sun. Ht 4-6ft.

Monarda Pardon my Cerise - A compact hardy perennial for the garden border or patio. Profusion of scented rose pink flws July-Sept. Good cut flower. Loved by bees & butterflies. Ht 12 inches. Sun or semi-shade.

Mukdenia karasuba - Shade to part shade. Good ground cover with maple like leaves producing pretty sprays of white bells in spring. Leaves turn a rich scarlet and orange end of summer. Hardy perennial.

Mukgenia Nova Flame - Another plant for shade or part shade. Good ground cover. Hardy perennial. Leaves serrated green but flushing to red and orange in the autumn. Attractive sprays of pink flws on short stems above the leaves in spring. Intergeneric cross between Mukdenia and Bergenia. Fantastic new introduction.

Passiflora caerulea - Passion flower. Masses of rounded white/blue/purple flws June-Oct. Sun and sheltered aspect.

Passiflora Lavender Lady - As above but with lavender flws.

Pimpinella major Rosea - Herbaceous perennial for any well drained soil. Sun/semi-shade. Flat heads of deep pink flws held on 2-3ft stems. Pollinating insects love this plant.

Philadelphus Manteau d'Hermine - Hardy compact Mock Orange with scented double white flws mid summer. Ht 2ft. Sun/semi-shade.

Rosa banksiae Lutea - A vigorous climbing rose for a sunny sheltered aspect producing clusters of double yellow flws in spring early summer. Ht 20ft.

Rudbeckia Little Henry - Wonderful late flowering pernnial. Narrow quilled golden yellow petals surrounding red/brown centre Aug-Oct. Sun or part shade. Good cut flower for the vase. Ht 2-3ft.

Rudbeckia Peking - Hardy perennial with masses of late summer flowers. Golden yellow flowers with maroon stripes at base of each petal July-Oct. Sun or part shade. Ht 2ft.

Rudbeckia Summeriana Yellow - Hardy free flowering perennial. Large yellow flowers fading to burnt orange July-Oct. Great in a pot or garden border. Full sun or part shade. Ht 18 inches. A hybrid between Rubeckia and Echinacea.

Salvia Amistad - All salvias are wildlife friendly. The flowers are all wonderfull for pollinating insects and butterflies. They all have aromatic foliage and are members of the sage family. Amistad is a new variety with rich purple flws from May-October.Ht 3-4ft. Full sun or dappled shade. Any well drained soil.

Salvia Blue Note - As above except has intense blue flws June-Oct. Ht 2-2.5ft.

Salvia Emperor - Magenta/purple flws June-Oct. Ht 2-3ft.

Salvia Royal Bumble - Hot red flws June- Oct. Ht 2-3ft.

Salvia Watermelon - Intense pink flws June-Oct. Ht 2-3ft.

Salvia Wendys Wish - Magenta/pink flws which have a citrus scent June-Oct produced on reddish stems. Ht 3-4ft

Salvia Hot Lips - A bushy ornamental sage with a delicous blackcurrant aroma. A profusion of eye catching bicoloured flws in white and lipstick red July-Oct. Ht 3ft. Full sun for any well drained border or pot.

Sanguisorba menziesii - A neat mound forming plant with dissected grey/green leaves. Self supporting stems hold cone like blood red flws (florets) June-Sept. Good cut flw. Sun/part shade any well drained soil. Ht 2ft.

Sambucus Black Beauty - A hardy shrub for any soil. Full sun or part shade will intensify the dark purple leaf colour.

Mid summer pink flowers with a citrus scent are produced in abundance. Ht if left unpruned 10-12ft but can be very hard pruned in March to keep more compact.

Sambucus Black Lace - If you garden on chalk and long to grow an Acer(Japanese Maple) then this is a wonderful substitute. Dark purple finely dissected leaves just like the maple create a very ornamental plant. During mid summer clusters of white flowers add interest. Any soil. Sun or part-shade. Ht as above follow same pruning regime.

Sarcococca confusa - Hardy evergreen shrub with dark green glossy leaves. It produces the most sweetly scented cream/white flowers during Jan-March. Great in a pot near the front/back door where you can enjoy the sweet fragrance. Ht 3-4ft. Any soil.

Schisandra rubriflora - A beautiful ornamental climbing plant for sun or shade. In spring/early summer cup shaped bright crimson flowers are freely produced. A hardy deciduous climber growing to about 20ft.

Schizophragma hydranoides Rose Sensation - A lovely new selection of this useful climber. Self supporting stems support the flowers which have a centre of creamy/yellow tiny flowers surrounded by pink florets creating a dramatic display mid summer to autumn. Any soil. Ht 15ft.

Selinum wallichianum - Hardy perennial for shade or part shade. The most finely divided lush dark green leaves held gracefully within the main stems are most ornamental. Late summer and early autumn umbels of tiny cream flowers lightly scented are held above the foliage on 3ft stems.

Stauntonia hexaphylla - Choice evergreen climber for sun or shade. Full sun it will flower abundantly. Strongly scented clusters of green/violet bells in spring early summer. Purple fruits may follow flowering later in season. Any soil. Ht 15-20ft.

Syringa Josee - A new lilac with a bushy compact habit ideal for the smaller garden. Ht 4-5ft. Panicles of strongly scented pink flws in spring but will repat flower during summer. Any soil sun/semi-shade.

Syringa Miss Kim AGM - Another new lilac ideal for the smaller garden with masses of pink/purple strongly scented flws in spring. Sun/semi-shade. Ht 3ft.

Thalictrum acteafolium Perfume Star - Wonderful scented soft lavender frothy flws with white tips on tall stems from late spring until early autumn. Attractive to bees & butterflies. Pretty blue/green ferny foliage. Ht 3ft. Hardy perennial sun/semi-shade.

Thalictrum delavayi Album - Panicles of nodding white flws held above the pretty "maidenhair" like foliage 3-4ft July-Sept. Sun/semi-shade. Any well drained soil. Hardy herbaceous perennial.

Thalictrum delavayi - Deep lilac panicles of nodding flws with white centres July=Sept on 3-4ft stems above the "maidenhair" like foliage.

Thalictrum delavayi Hewittts Double AGM - Masses of small deep mauve pom-pom like flws on 3-4ft stems July-Sept. Semi -shade. Any well drained soil.

Trachelospermum jasminoides - Evergreen climber for a sheltered sunny aspect producing strongly scented white tubular flws all summer. Any well drained soil. Self supporting. Ht 8-10ft.

Verbena off. var. grandiflora Bampton - Large clusters of lavender pink flws held on stout airy stems with purple tinted leaves summer to late autumn. Ht 18 inches. Loved by bees and butterflies. Cottage garden favourite. Grow in a pot or in the garden border. Full sun/semi-shade.Drought tolerant.

Veronica longilofolia Marietta - Hardy perennial with deep violet blue flower spikes June-Nov. Ht 1ft. Any soil. Sun/semi-shade. Grow in pot or garden border.

Viburnum bodnantense Dawn - Hardy deciduous shrub producing fragrant clusters of pink/white tubular flws from Oct-March. Ht 6-10ft but can hard pruned in spring to keep shorter. Sun or shade. Any soil.

Viburnum x burkwoodii Anne Russell

Viburnum juddi

Wisteria floribunda Black Dragon

Wisteria floribunda Lawrence

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