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Here you will find the Spring and Summer Flowering Clematis that are Available.

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Pruning Instructions for Clematis


Here is a simple guide on how to prune your clematis if you have lost the label. Any clematis that flower on the previous year's growth before June, then no pruning. Clematis that flower on the current year's growth with a small flower from June onwards hard prune. Below is a more detailed explanation of the 3 different pruning groups. Most nurseries and suppliers of clematis split the clematis varieties into 3 groups; groups 1, 2 and 3.

Group 1: Any clematis in this group requires no pruning but if you wish to keep the clematis within an allotted space then prune any stems immediately after flowering. They all have small single or double flowers.

Group 2: The clematis in this group flower in May and June with another crop of flowers in August and September. They all have large flowers, some single, others with double flowers. Light pruning or tidying up is all that is required. Cut out dead or weak stems starting from the top of the plant and work downwards along each stem until you meet a plump, healthy bud and prune just above it removing the top growth. Do this pruning in Feb/March.

Group 3: All late flowering hybrids blooming after June on current year's growth fit into this group. The vast majority have smaller flowers than the previous group. Hard prune reducing all stems to 12-24 inches from ground in Feb/March. A lot of the growth removed will have live shoots and buds. Although this may seem harsh the plant will be encouraged to produce strong new shoots that will flower within a few months. Allow the new shoots to grow about 1ft then pinch out the growing tips just above the top leaf joint. This will double the amount of stems and therefore double the amount of flowers.



Clematis - Scented

Clematis - Evergreen

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